The Phantom Limbs - Displacement (Cover Artwork)

The Phantom Limbs

Displacement (2003)

Alternative Tentacles

Hailing from Oakland, California, Alternative Tentacles Records - The Phantom Limbs aren't looking to become the next big thing; they'd be much happier haunting your dreams for years to come.

From the opening track of the band's second release on Alternative Tentacles Records, the listener is confronted with an organ, and synthesizers that are chilling to the bone. Keeping up a frantic pace throughout the album, they help the band achieve a sound somewhere between evil carnival music, and that of a funeral gone terribly wrong. Lead singer Hopeless compliments the array of sound well, as he shouts/sings throughout the tracks in manic, urgent fashion.

"Wrenches And Spoons", track three, happens to be my favorite as Hopeless showcases his high-pitched voice, as the music goes from frenetic to the pace of molasses at the drop of blood. The narrator throughout the track keeps things creepier than you could ever imagine.

"i'm pushing and pushing - trying so hard to get in. ramming my way into your brain. i wanna penetrate your soul. i wanna crawl inside. but all i've got is remote controls controlled by electric eyes."
With lyrics like that, I think you can get a pretty good idea of what I am talking about.

Mixing elements of goth, 77' street punk, and and healthy dose of blood soaked death rock The Phantom Limbs manage to stamp their own unique style into every song, as the album rarely drags on.

Interested in a journey into The Phantom Limbs creepy, synthesizer filled world. Then check out Displacement, which hit stores on Tuesday, September 16, 2003, and can be found at any record store.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart: Drive Thru Records fans will piss themselves, and be shocked into submission at the lack of auto-tune, and bubblegum choruses on this album.