Various - Another Year On the Streets (Cover Artwork)


Another Year On the Streets (2000)


It's easy to see what's wrong with Vagrant Records simply by comparing the two samplers they've released. Five Years On the Streets, the first one in 1998, and the second one, Another Year On the Streets, in 2000.

Sampler 1. introduced me to bands i now really like - no motiv, boxer, nuclear saturday -

Sampler 2. introduced me to bands i now really hate- koufax, the anniversary, the new amsterdams-

Sampler 1. had two really good face to face songs- i'm trying(live), resignation-

Sampler 2. had two very sub par face to face songs- nulification, sunny side of the street.-

Sampler 1. had random songs by Down By Law, Far, and J Church that were all awesome.-

Sampler 2. had rocket from the crypt-

Sampler 1. had really good songs by really bad bands- both hippos songs, 'drink drank drunk' by the Gotohells, and 'broken record' by Automatic 7 -

Sampler 2. a. had really bad songs from really good, or somewhat decent bands- both no motiv, one of A3's and one of Saves The Day's. -

Sampler 1. had two songs by blink, and two covers by mxpx and unwritten law-

Sampler 2. had the get up kids-

Well, that last one is a tie for horrible, but the rest of the reasons are obvious. Gone are hard rockin bands like Boxer and Nuclear Saturday, enter Pop. The few good parts of this sampler are 'Bloodied Up' by the Alkaline Trio, and one of Saves the Day's songs is decent. Even the No Motiv songs are unbelievably pop-trash. You'ld be happier with a combo meal from Wendy's than this CD. I hope I pissed everyone off real good.