The Junior Revolution - Between Two Cities (Cover Artwork)

The Junior Revolution

Between Two Cities (2003)

Random Play

A couple months ago I found myself entering The Mad Frog in Clifton to interview Death In Graceland, and catch a couple of local rock acts as well. Our interviewees were booted from the bar as soon as their set ended, because of the extreme rock they brought, so the next few hours was spent on a street corner interviewing a partially naked band that was drunk as skunks... but i digress.

My friend begged us to stay for the musical happenings of The Junior Revolution, and we scooted back into The Mad Frog as the five-piece was taking the stage.

For the next 45 minutes all 24 people in attendance were rocked out, and dare I say- mesmerized. Of course this was a live show, and after obtaining a copy of the band's demo I was really disappointed at what I was hearing. The energy and spark were gone, and the music seemed sloppy at times.

However, that was just a demo, and finally after a long seven months the band's first e.p Between Two Cities has been released on Random Play Music, and I could not be more pleased at the outcome. All seven tracks are filled with four-part vocal harmonies that will have you singing along throughout, and the unique use of three guitars helps the band to blend a mixture of emo and rock fashionably well, while drummer Chris Denholme keeps beat on drums, while making it interesting at the same time.

"Thirteen", the opening track, is my favorite song on the album. Exploding with a crazy drum beat, and all three guitars in full swing, The Junior Revolution gets the disc off to an energetic start. A great chorus with a message everyone can cling to make this a song that everyone can sing-a-long to; hell, I'm the nerd you've seen singing this same song as I drive my car all over the tri-state area.

The second track doesn't let down, as the guitars drive the song home, while the background screams of bassist Brian Miller serve as an extra instrument for the band.

The sweet sounds of the band harmonizing greet your ears at the beginning of track three. The song tells a story, and the use of an emphasized chorus leave you in good spirits, no matter what your mood.

The rest of the album continues in this manner- more rock goodness that will have you singing, playing air drums, and bobbing your head at the same time...

Between Two Cities is The Junior Revolution's first step to pulling out of the station on a trip where they are bound to lead a rock revolution... Get on the train before it takes off.