Lightweight Holiday - Lightweight Holiday (Cover Artwork)

Lightweight Holiday

Lightweight Holiday (2003)


First off: These kids from Cincinnati, Ohio are signed to Porterhouse Records, and are currently touring the country, and playing with the likes of Armor For Sleep, Mae, and even making two official Warped Tour appearances. It is no suprise then that this record just plain feels big; professional packaging, professional recordings, and a professional, unique style, all have Lightweight Holiday squared away to become the next big thing out of the Queen City.

Hey, the music ain't bad either... once you give it a chance.

At first i didn't get the music at all: but..... I listened to it five times in five days, and now I just can't stop. So I decided that all 12 tracks on the Cincinnati, Ohio four-piece's debut album are stellar, and there is not a stinker in the whole bunch, which is an oddity in today's mediocre at best music industry.

"Goodnight and Goodbye" opens the album, and right away Lightweight Holiday's songwriting abilities are on display. It is a catchy tune, with guitar hooks reminiscient of 70's retro rock.

"Please" reeks of The Holiday's retro influences. Blended perfectly with pop vocals and harmonies galore, this track is one that you will be singing all day long.

"The Prize" closes the album in fitting fashion; it is a mellow tune that features an acoustic guitar, and harmonica, which slowly coax the listener to sleep. It is a track that could hold its own against any slow indie rock ballad. Justin's songwriting really stands out, which is promising considering Andy Gabbard, who wrote most of the Lightweight Holiday songs recently left the band.

The bottom line is that Lightweight Holiday managed to put together 12 standout tracks. You will be hearing a lot about these kids in the future.