The Ripcordz - What If We Held a Revolution and Nobody Came? (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Ripcordz

What If We Held a Revolution and Nobody Came? (2003)

Union Label Group

I never know what to say about bands like The Ripcordz. You know the type: second generation punks of the Exploited / GBH / D.O.A era that seem completely oblivious to most musical developments post 1982. Montreal's Ripcordz have been at the game for 20 years now and I doubt they're too concerned with whatever criticisms I, or anyone else, has to offer at this point.

To their credit the Ripcords can write a really catchy hook. While it's obviously a requirement for fist-in-the-air anthems, it gives their songs a lot of fun energy that makes up somewhat for their formulaic approach. The band's at their best when they speed things up. Paul Gott's menacing growl sounds much more believable on tracks like "D'oh Canada" or "Gone Too Soon" then on some of the more banal "sing-alongs for the sake of sing-alongs" like "Punk Rules." Where the band does explore beyond their usual boundaries is on a few interesting X / Social Distortion inspired tunes like "Freedom Fried" or "Door 9." However the Ripcordz suffer from the same weakness that plagues other street punk groups: live they're a blast but their recorded material doesn't have the depth needed to hold the listener's interest very long.

The Ripcordz are like old soldiers, they've been fighting the war for years now. The band doesn't offer anything new, but one doesn't get the impression that they're trying to. If you're a fan of early 80s Oi and street punk, this should satisfy.