Lonely Kings - What If? (Cover Artwork)

Lonely Kings

What If? (1999)


The first song on this cd is worth the price of the cd. The Lonely Kings are a three piece punk band from Santa Cruz, California, and they are carrying the tradition of great punk music out of Santa Cruz. The first track on this cd, "Run away to Spain" is nothing short of amazing. It is the perfect song! Although the first song is a standout, the rest of this cd is great. This is rock and roll/punk at its best, and these guys are about to get their break and set the world on fire. I can't say enough about this cd. The lead singer has a really strong voice and everything about these guys just plain works. If you are a fan of bands like Face to Face, Good Riddance, and Samiam then I reccomend that you run to your local record store and pick this one up!