Hewhocorrupts - Ten Steps To Success (Cover Artwork)
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Ten Steps To Success (2003)

Sinister Label

Rarely does a relatively unknown band garner such a polarized response. But Hewhocorrupts did that with the EP "Master of Profits". It was filled some obvious jabs at Metallica (song titles included "Sell Em All" and "Ride the Limo"). Some critics were harsh, calling it self indulgent noise and calling the band audacious for insulting an arguably classic album, while other critics found the song titles amusing and enjoyed the music. I found myself in the latter category, and I was interested in seeing what they would offer up with this release.

"Ten Steps To Success" is grindy, thrashy album that manages to jam 10 songs into 15 minutes. Grindcore isn't always the easiest thing to off, either it's so insane that it's brilliant, or so insane that's intolerable to listen to. I wouldn't say Hewhocorrupts has reached the level of brilliance yet, but they're on the right track. It's pretty clichéd by now to call a band "crazy" or "insane", but I'm going to go ahead and say this album is crazy, particularly in terms of vocals. Ryan Durkin sounds unstable, to put it lightly. John Mendola's drumming is typical in terms of grindcore drumming, but that's not an insult by any means. For those you who are unaware, grindcore drummers are basically expected to be lightning quick at all times, and Mendola doesn't disappoint. He's no Dave Witte (formerly of Discordance Axis, whom I've seen this band compared to and currently of Burnt by the Sun), but I'm still impressed.

The lyrics somehow fit the music, which is no easy task. I wasn't sure whether the lyrics were the rantings of a lunatic or just a few inside jokes, either way they were unique to say the least. Take the song "Mrs. Andretti's Hustlers" for example: "check your answering machine/I made fun of your grandfather's limp because the girl at Rexall needed a lift." Get it? Neither do I.

If you're a fan of grindcore, or crazy, or both, this album is worth a shot.

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