Operation Ivy - Seedy (Cover Artwork)

Operation Ivy

Seedy (1987)

Karma Kredit

There really is no point in reviewing an OpIv cd, cause you already know what I'm gonna say. "They RULE. Buy It!" But just for fun, I'll do it anyway.

This cd contains some of their older songs that are available on various 7'' records. The uncut version of 'healthy body sick mind', 'old friendships' and 'left behind' are my three favorites. but all 10 are good. Very little ska on 'Seedy', but who cares, its Operation Ivy. The first three songs come from the 'hectic' sessions, the next four are from a Gilman Street Demo tape, and the next two are live on the radio. The hidden track is a reggae free-style jam, and I have no idea where it came from. The sleve sums up the sound quality best by saying "mastered from 7 year old cassettes, what you hear is what you get" but it's really not near as bad as it sounds. I just lucked into this cd a long, long time ago so I have no idea how available it is these days, but if you can find it, get it, and bask in the glory of one of the best bands ever.

By the way, i searched all over the net but I cant find the release date of "Seedy" so I just picked the year that most of the songs came from. If anyone knows, let me know. ROCK!