Big Collapse - Prototype (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Big Collapse

Prototype (2003)

The Militia Group

I'm sick of being professional. This CD is lame, plain and simple. I won't waste more words on it than I have to.

Big Collapse have put out an album that serves no point. It's really boring alterna-rock with waaaaay too much guitar wankery [seriously, someone take away their guitarist's wah-wah pedal]. To top it off, the vocals are really, really high-pitched and annoying as hell. There's a handful of good hooks on this album, but the rudimentary-at-best, mentally-challenged at worst lyrics make me never want to listen to this again. I won't even quote an example - that's how bad it is.

Oh yeah, this band has ex-members of seminal hardcore bands Shift and Burn. Don't let it fool you. This is lame.