Mercury Boy - Get It Goin' (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Mercury Boy

Get It Goin' (2003)


This is an odd release and as only a four song EP, it's rather hard to grasp what image this band's trying to convey. On one hand the artwork, with it's makeup, space imagery and scifi-themes is a throwback to 70s glam imagery. The band's bio breaks down their sound to ridiculous levels and contemplates on "messages of realization" and "provoking inner thoughts and desires." Yet on record Mercury Boy is really a rather positive, melodic pop-rock band.

There's a fair mix of pop punk and more radio friendly pop melodies here. The lead singer's quite smooth and certainly not aggressive. That's maybe what this band needs though, as while technically confident there isnt much of an edge in their music or vocals. While I see this group having more success with mainstream audiences then it would necessarily the punk scene, it's hard to see what Mercury Boy's real direction is, especially when the much stressed visual image of the band is barley (if at all) reflected on Get It Goin'. Despite the quotes of some of the woefully over-ambitious reviews, this is really far, far closer to Billy Idol than it is to David Bowie.

There's a good songwriter buried under the sci-fi shtick, yet I can't for the life of me gauge how serious the image is intended to be. Fans of upbeat pop-rock that steers clear if the usual mould might want to check this out.