The Network - Money Money 2020 (Cover Artwork)

The Network

Money Money 2020 (2003)


If The Network isn't Green Day, they do a great job of sounding like Green Day trying to not sound like Green Day.

For the sake of this review, we're going to simply state that Billie, Mike, and Tre are 3/5 of The Network for simplicity.

Now, for the actual review. Where to begin? This could be one of the surprise records of 2003, tearing down yet another wall between punk and Genre X (this time around being new-wave.)

The record starts off with "Joe Robot," a spectacular off-the-wall combination of synth sound and older, ramones-esque punk riffs on guitar. Billie Joe's voice is present on this track (it seems to alternate with another voice I'm not familiar with throughout the album) and all around a strong track.

"Transistors Gone Wild" is a song that you finally start to get a feel for, and then it's over. This is a trend that goes on throughout the album...very disjointed music that takes a few listens to fully adapt to, and suddenly the songs just end.

Now, I could go on and on explaining every song, but that would make for a long ass review, which would eventually lose your interest. There are no two songs that sound alike, but they do an amazing job of cohering together in tone and theme. And by theme, I mean straight-up punk rock.

Unfortunately, the lyrics are not included in the album and I have not been able to find them. But it seems that this album is a comedic mockery of the society we live in... songs like "Right Hand-O-Rama" could be construed as simple jokes, or when looked at closer a commentary on the over-sexed culture that is the American media. "Spike" is a song themed around needing a fix of drugs, and could either be a simple narrative song or if looked at under a different light could be based on the band's history with drug use (by the band, I mean Green Day). And songs like "Roshambo" could even be taken off of "Kerplunk!" with heart-felt lyrics and three-chord melodies ("I don't believe I have something you need / I don't believe I stretch the truth... All I really believe in is you").

Is The Network Green Day? Who knows. And honestly, it doesn't even matter. This album is an incredible blend of punk and new-wave that will totally blow your mind (as long as you're open to new things.) The lyrics could be comedy, they could be serious, they could be both. Probably we'll never know due to the bands "secret" nature.

And as an added bonus, the album comes with a bonus dvd with six videos on it, each totally off the hook and will make you sick with blaring colors and crazy visuals.

Sure to be one of the sleeper hits of the year, make sure to pick up a copy.