Saves The Day/Taking Back Sunday/Moneen - live in Seattle (Cover Artwork)
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Saves The Day / Taking Back Sunday / Moneen

live in Seattle (2003)

live show

Although Saves the Day, Taking Back Sunday, and Moneen had their Seattle show scheduled on a Monday evening, it did not stop their young fans from selling out the Showbox on a school night. I have to admit, I was even contemplating showing up for this show, I thought that sleep and relaxation on a weeknight may be more important. I am sure glad I decided to make an appearance – this was one of the most entertaining shows I have been to in a long time.

Going into the show I knew what to expect. A lot of young fans ready to sing along to every word of every Taking Back Sunday and Saves the Day song. I on the other hand, was ready to hear Moneen again. I saw them earlier in the summer when they were on tour with Reggie and the Full Effect, and I was quite impressed with their set, however disappointed that they only played four songs. This time around they played five songs, not a huge increase, but better than four. These Canadian boys know how to rock, and I think they just might be Vagrant's best kept secret. But I don't foresee Moneen being a secret for much longer. They had a decent amount of dedicated fans begging them to play songs off their earlier album. To those who are not familiar, Moneen is a emo/punk band with a more melodic sound. I think the reason I enjoy them so much is because of their attention to detail and long instrumental solos in the middle and beginning of their songs. My favorite of the night was "Start angry . . . end mad". Head over to their website and check these guys out – they are fun.

The crowd soon grew restless for Taking Back Sunday. It was obvious there was a toss up in the crowd as to who was the favored act for the night, TBS of Saves the Day. Taking Back Sunday took the stage to an enormous amount of cheering from the fans. Their set covered almost all of Tell All Your Friends, ending with a powerful rendition of "No I in Team". The new members of the band fit in perfectly. I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed the original members did not take the time to introduce the newest members. For those of you who are not familiar with the new line up, Fred, their new guitarist is also a member of an amazing east coast band, Breaking Pangaea (who are currently taking a break), give them a listen. In some ways I have to say I felt as if the Taking Back Sunday crowd was turning into one similar to what you might find at a Dashboard show. Every single word to every song was perfectly articulated by every kid in the venue. Thank God the sound system at the Showbox is pretty decent, if not, hearing Adam and Fred's voices would be close to impossible. Overall Taking Back Sunday was just decent. I think I may have enjoyed some of their previous performances more than this one.

And finally, Saves the Day. It had been a while since the last time I saw them which was back when they were opening for Blink and Green Day. With In Reverie just out, I was excited to hear their new songs. I have to confess, I have not picked up this album yet- yet being the key word, because after I heard their set, I was sold. There has been so much talk about the new material. I have heard drastically different reviews from many people. I decided to keep and open mind, and not be too persuaded by what I had hear, and make my mind up for myself. After hearing the new songs live, I want to say they had some what of a mellower, folk-ish feel to them. And I really like it.

Saves the Day was nothing short of amazing. I am really not a huge Saves the Day fan. I own all of their albums, and enjoy them, but I would not classify them as one of my favorite bands, but I found myself have such a great time listening to them play. They were flawless. Saves the Day has perfected their sound and a band. And Chris Conley's vocals are really something else. He has such a pure voice that carries and never sounded awkward, strained, or tired. Their stage presence it very tasteful as well. Chris had a huge genuine smile on his face all night, and could not stop thanking the crowd. I can't really explain why, but if you where there, you could tell how moved he was to have everyone appreciate the band and sing along to his music. I know I can't stop praising Saves the Day, but let me make one last comment. Their set was the perfect mix of songs. Ranging form "Jessie and My Whetstone" off of I'm sorry I'm Leaving to four tracks off In Reverie the songs were placed perfectly in order. We were not overwhelmed with new material, but none of their great hits were forgotten.

This concert was for sure a feel good concert, danceable and singable. If this tour is coming to your town, check it out, and have some fun.