AntiSeen - The Boys From Brutalsville (Cover Artwork)


The Boys From Brutalsville (2001)


I really get all excited when I come home and I have some CDs waiting for review. But when I put the ANTiSEEN's new cd in, my excitement turned into distain and anger. This is total crap! Unoriginal "destructo rock" as they call it, reminds me more of a trailer trash version of Motorhead mixed with a little Skynrd for good measure. But believe me, this is nothing compared to those two bands. This is just boring and generic. Im sure all the politically correct will enjoy the heart warmer entitled, "Melting Pot". That song is about the evils of foreigners in the good ol' USA, you might like it if you enjoy total abandon of rationality, compassion, or thought. The music sucks, the lyrics suck, this band sucks. Am I missing something? How can a band like this sustain over ten years? Someone please tell me what there is to like about these turd burglers, because right now I am at a loss. I will give it a two because there is a song dedicated to Sabu. BTW, this cd is dedicated in memory of Dale Earnhardt.