Antifreeze - The Search For Something More (Cover Artwork)


The Search For Something More (2003)

Kung Fu

Don't leave me, not like this I've longed for you since our first kiss Yes, that is an actual line from this album, and no it doesn't get much better than that.

Scott handed me this cd along with a bunch others saying "Don't worry dude, you'll like all of these!" Cool I thought and left, of course I liked the TSOL and Vortis albums that were shrewdly placed on top of the pile, along with some others that I discovered amid the pile, but this, strategically placed near the bottom where I would only see it long after I left his house, no. I think this was a way to get out of writing anything bad about a Kung Fu band and therefore guarantee his collection of "Show Must Go Off" DVDs would continue to grow.

Antifreeze are a typical mall punk band that sounds like a lesser Ataris, which isn't surprising since Kris Roe of said band worked with, and manages, them on this album. All of the songs seem to carry a common theme of relationships gone sour and the struggle to come around and forget the girl that has done them wrong. A theme that seems to be doing quite well with the younger generation out there and will probably land this band on MTV's "You Hear It First" and will be toted as a punk breakthrough band. To end this on a positive note, I do have to say that the production is really well done and that some of the songs are rather catchy and had me tapping my foot in spite of myself. So if you like the current trend of pop punk go pick this up, I'm sure you'll love it.

Pointless Emotion