Sick of it All - Yours Truly (Cover Artwork)

Sick of it All

Yours Truly (2000)

Fat Wreck Chords

I must admit that the first time I listened to this album I didn't really like all that much. It just all sounded the same to me! I listened to it again and again, and now I would have to say that it is one of my favorite albums, and by far my favorite Sick Of it All album. This is a hardcore album, but it has great melodies, and the singers voice sounds better than ever.

I just read a review of this cd in Maxim, and the reviewer said that there wasn't a single song that you could hum along to! Bull! I find myself walking around and singing every song on this cd. Mabye if I had only listened to this cd once like that reviewer, I would agree with him. I saw sick of it all play live about a month ago and they were awesome live, and the songs on this cd played out great live. Buy this cd, and don't judge it by the first listen!