Erase Errata - At Crystal Palace (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Erase Errata

At Crystal Palace (2003)

Troubleman Unlimited

Do you like to dance? Do you like noisy dancey punk music? Do you like girl bands? If you can answer yes to any of these, then you must listen to Erase Errata's newest release, "At Crystal Palace".

This spastic-electro-female-quartet continues to show their musical ingenuity through the release of their second full length album, "At Crystal Palace". When you listen to "At Crystal Place" you can find yourself lost amongst trance-like drum and bass, accompanied by cutting guitar. The vocals are more along the lines of chanting, fitting in with the sound perfectly.

In progression from their first full length, "Other Animals" Erase Errata has mastered a more cohesive sound. Their songs sound tighter and very well put together. Their lyrics, at times repetitive, are very catchy. My recommendations: "Ca. Viewing" "The White Horse is Bucking" and "A Thief Detests the Criminal, Elements of the Ruling Class". These ladies know how to bring the rock, but at the same time allow their beats to play in your mind and keep you dancing for hours.

My suggestion- this album will be great at any Halloween party. It has a great beat, and has the perfect mood for a costumed crowd. If you feel like dancing, pick "At Crystal Palace" up.