The Mercury Switch - If You Loved Me, You Would Take Me To The City (Cover Artwork)
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The Mercury Switch

If You Loved Me, You Would Take Me To The City (2003)


Damn, there sure are a lot of bands playing metalcore as of late. There must be some sort of quantity over quality rule, because most of the newer bands playing this style are fairly worthless. Enter The Mercury Switch, a band which actually tries to add something instead of ripping off Poison the Well or Morning Again.

The Mercury Switch play metalcore, there's no doubt about that, but they also add elements of rock n roll, some electronic sampling, some chaotic passages, and straight up metal riffing. But what really separates this band from their contemporaries is the way the way their songs flow. Certain bands (their name rhymes with "From Bottom to Rashes") try to forced melodic passages into songs where they don't belong. Not so with The Mercury Switch, as every change in tempo or style, no matter how abrupt or unexpected is done with ease. Yes, this band does do the sing/scream thing, but the singing parts actually add something to the song. They even manage to pull off a good cover of "Tonight, Tonight" by the Smashing Pumpkins. Even though I hated the original, I can't help but hum it after hearing the cover.

The only thing I can really find wrong is that the electronic elements aren't utilized enough, I'm not saying I want these guys to sound like The Disease or something, but they should take advantage of what they have. It's really tough to find many flaws here, I guess that's one of the advantages of being a newer band, no expectations. The lyrics have a sort of spiritual undertone to them, but they never stray into the realm of being preachy. Still, Biblical imagery is clearly evident in songs like "Pillar of Salt": "And you were walking with me, and I could you dreaming about that city, who it consumed you. You were walking with me and I could see you, dreaming about that city, ignoring the truth. Never turn back."

So there you have it, this is one of the more pleasant surprises of the year, and definitive proof that metalcore can still be interesting. Expect big things from this band in the future.

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