Nora - Dreamers and Deadmen (Cover Artwork)
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Dreamers and Deadmen (2003)


I've always liked Nora, ever since I heard their song "Nobody Takes Pictures of the Drummer" on a Trustkill summer sampler a few years ago. After that I promptly ran out and picked up "Loser's Intuition" it was a very solid album, but I was disappointed that most of it didn't live up to the expectations I had after feeling the aforementioned song. Nevertheless, Nora is a good band and easily the most underrated band on Trustkill. After hearing a track from this off of another Trustkill summer sampler, I was anxious to pick this one up and excited when I found it in my mailbox.

"Dreamers And Deadmen" is a bit more diverse and creative than "Loser's Intuition" and also adds some sludgy rock riffs the mix. Whereas the tracks on their previous album ran together, this one never gets old. There's just so much intensity, even from the first track "The Goddamned Champion", vocalist Carl Seversson screams every word with conviction. My favorite track on the album, "Maybe I Should've Sent Flowers" is probably the closest thing Nora will ever have to a love song. It's almost deranged in its nature, as Seversson laments the lack of interest of his would be significant other. This song is where the rock influence is probably the most evident.

This disc never lets up; it holds you down the neck for the entire duration. However, it still manages to be interesting the whole way through, because the tracks are more varied than their past material.

All in all, Nora's second full-length effort is almost exponentially better than their first. If noisy, metal-tinged, rock influenced, hardcore sounds good to you, don't pass this one up. Nora again shows why they're the best band on Trustkill, hopefully they won't be quite as underappreciated once the masses get wind of this one.