Forever Is Forgotten - The Architecture Is Still Burning (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Forever Is Forgotten

The Architecture Is Still Burning (2003)


I'm beginning to think that we're running out of band names or something, as more and more bands choose vague or just completely nonsensical monikers. Just look at this band, Forever Is Forgotten? Come on. Nevertheless, I won't write any band off based solely on their name, so I was more than willing to overlook it.

Forever Is Forgotten has obviously set out on a mission to become the harshest thing out of Milwaukee since Beast. "The Architecture Is Still Burning" is filled with hard hitting metalcore that borrows from bands like Dillinger Escape Plan. Some of the riffs on this album genuinely impressed me, which is no easy task, considering the fact that I have become somewhat jaded when comes to bands in this genre. Thankfully, Forever Is Forgotten manages to keep things interesting. Even if heavy breakdowns and blastbeats are anything but unordinary for bands like this, I still can't help but love it when it's done right.

I must comment on the layout of the CD, whoever decided to make the lyrics nearly impossible to read should consider something. The lyrics are in the booklet for a reason, do you know what the reason happens to be? That's right, so people can see what the lyrics are! If you're going to make them so hard to read, why even put them there in the first place? Sorry about the rant, but it had to be said.

All in all, this is a very solid record, and a nice addition to the collection of anyone who enjoys this type of music. Dumb name and annoying layout aside, Forever Is Forgotten manages to make their mark on a genre of music that is becoming increasing deluded and faceless.