Various - Spirit of the Streets (Cover Artwork)


Spirit of the Streets (2001)

Burning Heart

I'm not usually one for compilation albums, especially compilation albums that cost more than $5.

This album, however, is an exception to that generalization. This album definitely lives up to the claim in the liner notes, all killer no filler.

The album opens with the Oi-flavored Riot Riot Upstart, from NYHC stalwarts Agnostic Front's latest offering, and rips through 19 more songs of today's finest street punk anthems. Oxymoron, Rancid, the US Bombs, the Anti-Heros, and the Business all make appearances here.

All 20 songs are standouts. However, all of these songs are also available on releases by the individual bands. Despite the lack of new material, if you're into the street punk sound, you'll certainly appreciate this album.

(Incidentally, the liner notes were contributed by George Marshall.)