Day Of Contempt - See Through The Lies (Cover Artwork)

Day Of Contempt

See Through The Lies (2002)

Good Life

Australia's premier hardcore band Day of Contempt returns with the LP "see through the lies," the long awaited follow up to the "where shadows lie" EP.

For those of you who haven't heard any Australian hardcore all I can say is I feel sorry for you but with this album out on goodlife this could be your chance to get a taste. You won't be dissapointed.

"See through the Lies" hits hard from the word go without letting up, with brutal guitars, screamed vocals (awsome) and big beat downs. Vocalist Ben Coyte's vocals I believe are amounst the strongest in hardcore worldwide. His delivery is so powerful. Plus he can pull everything off live as well!

Day of Contempt incorporate some melody into the album with songs such as "tear you down". The more melodic moments are a refreshing change from the usual DOC onslaught but this is by no means a soft album.

An interesting aspect of DOC is that they appeal to such a wide range of people. Oldschool hardcore fans will enjoy DOC as will listenerscoming from a more metal/metalcore background. They recently toured the USA with Terror, for a point of reference.

Keep your eyes and ears open for Australian Hardcore folks cause there is a healthy scene going on down here that can rival any scene in the world. Fans of hardcore of any type should enjoy this CD.