Various - Victory Video Collection Volume 3 DVD (Cover Artwork)


Victory Video Collection Volume 3 📀 (2003)


I've decided that the thing I love about any punk compilation is that they are generally low priced. Why have high expectations for something that essentially only cost you about an hour and a half of your life working the register at White Castle. And punk video comps are no different to this notion. Take for example, the latest Tooth and Nail DVD, "The Nail" -- a DVD with many average artists, yet the extra footage and the low price of $6 made it more than worth it.

Enter Victory Records' "Video Collection vol. 3." After the success of 2002's volume, you'd think that they would step it up a notch with video budgets and DVD options. But the result is below mediocre. Watching videos by Silverstein and Glasseater was like watching some kid's senior video project -- both cheaply made and directionless.

For their bigger, marquee bands like Atreyu, Reunion Show and Snapcase, Victory spent some decent money to get them played on a local cable access video show or Fuse.

Overall the Victory DVD is pretty average. There are no good special features, save the "uncut" versions of select videos.

The videos lack the budgets of their previous releases and the artist roster is hit or miss. I doubt that fans of Atreyu will like Spitalfield (who had the best video by far); and though that shows Victory's "diversity," it also signals Victory's desire to be more like Drive Thru.

What was most surprising was the absense of the last two Taking Back Sunday videos for "Cute Without the E" and "You're So Last Summer," which would've been high selling points for the label had they included their biggest act's most popular music videos.

I would hope that after this disaster, Victory will put more money into their bands' videos and their releases, because the only low priced thing about this release are the budgets of the music videos.