JamisonParker - Notes & Photographs (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Notes & Photographs (2003)



Actually, lame lame lame lame lame - one lame for each of the tracks on this wholly transparent and worthless EP.

JamisonParker started off as an acoustic duo, Jamison and Parker. They played a handful of shows unnamed, went to Skate and Surf Fest last year and played guerilla-style everywhere [earning them a main stage slot by the end of the weekend], and inexplicably got signed to Interscope Records.

Actually not, it's not that inexplicable. Beneath these boring full-band arrangements, I hear some rather simplistic and catchy [if not horribly derivative] acoustic tunes, a Dashboard Confessional-lite if you will. Someone at Interscope perked up their ears and signed them, but then realized they were already promoting the new Dashboard CD, so they figured "let's give them a full band and turn them into a watered-down All-American Rejects!"

Bad, bad, bad idea.

Nothing on this EP is note [or photograph] worthy. It's just more of the same old shit that labels [major and indie alike] are trying to push down our throats en masse due to the current surge in popularity of what the mainstream has dubbed "emo." While a lot of these previously no name acts aren't all that bad, JamisonParker doesn't come near that category. This is completely and utterly forgettable.

Lastly, Dave Trumfio should be shot for recording this abhorration. Going from Wilco to this is like going from the Four Seasons to your local pay-by-the hour motel. This CD is cheap, easy, and is marginally enjoyable for one spin. Leave the money on the night stand and get the hell out while you still can.

Stream the entire EP here