Zoinks! - Stranger Anxiety (Cover Artwork)


Stranger Anxiety (1996)


Before Zac Damon was ever in Screeching Weasel and Big in Japan, he was in Zoinks!, one of the greatest punk bands ever (if you ask me anyway). This album is a collection of Zoinks! songs that were on 7 inch's and compilations. The CD booklet explains where they came from in much more detail, and also gives listings of the labels you can get the original releases from, so I'm not gonna waste my time telling you about that. I will tell you that this CD contains two of my favorite punk songs ever. 'Stumble', which is a cover of a Man Dingo song, and 'Pedestal' are two classics. 'Stumble' has an unbelievably catchy chorus and guitar hook, while 'Pedestal' has one of the best guitar parts and some of the best drumming I've ever heard. By the way, Bob Conrad is one of the best technical drummers in punk rock, and Zoinks! are worth checking out for him alone.

The rest of the songs are no slouches either. 'Page Five' and 'Hooray!' are very catchy pop-punk songs that will have you singing along after the first listen, 'Ten Cent Stamps' and 'Not As If' are catchy, fast, and technically awesome, and all of the songs are full of great lyrics.For instance- "Mind wrapped in second thought, Can I fit in these shoes I've bought. So many expectations, am I ready to sink my feet, a move in one direction?" from 'New Shoes'

There are 19 songs listed, but they add on about 4 or 5 more at the end of the CD. Most of the songs dont sound as good as the first 8, but that's understandible coming from old 7 inch's. And just cause they don't sound so hot doesn't make them bad. 'Carcinogen' and 'Yearbook' are two of the better songs on here, and they sound like tapes I make in my basement with a 20$ tape recorder. Anyway, this CD is a must have for any Zoinks! fan, and a good addition to the collection for any fan of punk rock. My non-punk friends think they sound like Green Day, and I can hear it a little bit, but Zoinks! are all together different from any band I've heard. They also have lots of 'Whoa's', which is a must for any good punk record, right?