Barefoot Army / Gruk - The Shittier Split (Cover Artwork)

Barefoot Army / Gruk

The Shittier Split (2003)

Free Abortions

Well for the past few years the music world has been plauged with mostly pre-fabricated bullshit, seemingly all you have to do these days to be considered good is whine about something over poppy power chords.

This CD, thankfully, has nothing of that.

Truly a great release from two Northern California bands. Featuring 3 songs from Barefoot Army and 7 from Gruk(3 of them live). Both bands play distinctive music, a mix of thrash, hardcore and crust. Another thing that makes this album different from others, is the female vocals, not that I'm saying female vocals are any better than male vocals they just both work very well with the music.

The best songs on here are "Rolls Royce" by Gruk and "Madcowboy Disease" by BFA. "Madcowboy Disease" is defenitley different from the rest of the album, its a sing-a-long, anti-war/anti-Bush song. It doesn't really sound like anything you'd expect but it's still a really good song. Anyway, you should check out this split, you'll probably like it if you're into anything good, really. You could order it from BAREFOOTARMY.CJB.NET (Click on the links and choose the record label one).

Well to sum this all up, the CD's good, has two bands, ten songs, its cheap (price, not quality, its good quality) ,and comes with a cool case. By the way Barefoot Army has broken up, and if you want to hear some of their songs before you buy this, you could download some at their website.