Lostprophets - live in Glasgow (Cover Artwork)


live in Glasgow (2003)

live show

OK, so last time you were here your band couldn't even half fill the barrowland, not exactly the largest venue in the world (although, according to many bands - the best) and it's been a year since you released a note of new material. The fanbase you thought you had turned out to be rather small, perhaps put off by the fact you are one of the most arrogant bands on the planet and viewed by many as nothing but pretty boy posers. This is only the second gig you've played in months. How do you start your set to thank those fans who have patiently waited for our Welsh heroes to return? Do you *A* Start the set with one of your thunderously catchy post hardcore meets nu-metal songs, perhaps even one of the 'hits'? or *B* Play not one, but TWO new songs no-one has ever heard before? Answer: what the hell do you think? This is the Lostprophets we're talking about here...

We should hate them. How could they be so arrogant as to play new songs when we all payed our money (and quite an expensive ticket too for such a wee venue) to see the hits? Well...when the new songs are so fucking good the energy levels in the room were almost higher than for more established songs, that's how. Gone are the nu-metal scratchings of before as DJ Jamie Oliver now concentrates on screaming and keyboards. This has evolved the 'prophet's sound and made them more 'mature' sounding almost.

They played six or seven new songs in what was roughly a 15 song set, that's a helluva lot of new material but as previously stated - it was damn good. Of course, the best songs of the night were the blistering shinobivsdragonninja and the new single and set closer 'Burn Burn' which closed the set and featured the two support bands (local band 7 Stone Lighter, who weren't too bad in a sub-Finch sorta way and Eden Maine who came across as a heavier Converge, which is fine if you like that sort of thing) on backing vocals. It was a fitting way to end what was a pretty revelatory night. in the past month in the exact same venue I have seen Coheed & Cambria, Million Dead, Further Seems Forever, Thursday and Funeral for a Friend. Shockingly, the Lostprophets outshone them all - the boys done good.

as a little end note, I met Lee from the 'Prophets after the show and he seemed like a thouroughly nice bloke - goes to show you can't believe all you read.