Break The Silence - Six Foot Revolver Demo (Cover Artwork)

Break The Silence

Six Foot Revolver Demo (2003)


Break The Silence, featuring ex-members of All Else Fails and Rise Against/88 Fingers Louie, have released a "teaser" demo of three songs, all of which are going to be on the band's full-length "Near Life Experience", due out in February of 2004. The three songs, "Six Foot Revolver", "Moving Day", and "Natoma", are a chaotic blend of punk rock, melodic hardcore, and a dash of metal with vocals that span from a chilling, throaty, pissedoff growl to a surprisingly smooth croon, that, for some reason, reminds me of a more energetic Dan Hanaway (of Honor System/Broadways fame).

While I'm at it, I may as well state that their live show is jaw-droppingly good. For a band that is essentially touring with just a demo under their belts, they're tight as hell and, if one didn't know any better, you'd think they'd been together for years.

Check them out if you're a fan of the musical stylings of bands like Death By Stereo, Good Riddance, or Ignite. If they're playing within driving distance, by all means check them out and, in closing, mark your calendars for February 10th, because their full-length is going to be what everyone's talking about in 2004!