F-Minus - Sweating Blood (Cover Artwork)
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Sweating Blood (2003)

Bridge 9

Now, almost 10 months after the release of the brutal Wake Up Screaming, F-Minus has finally released its once "vinyl only" single "Sweating Blood" EP. The EP contains 4 tracks, including two previously unreleased from the Wake Up Screaming sessions titled "War Song" and "Real Deal". These two songs ARE NOT just fodder the band used to put on this single to make an extra buck...these songs are excellent and most likely left off the album due to it's already large size and due to the fact that these songs are much more in the vein of their first two albums. They are extremely fast, brutal hardcore punk anthems.

"War Song" is, of course, exactly what you would think it is about. Probably one of the best songs to come out of this recent period of unjustified war, it is fast, loud, punishing and features Brad Logan on vocals....it reminds me of some of F-Minus's early tracks like "You Owe Me".....only with better production and an obviously more developed band. "Real Deal" is another speedy hardcore anthem and Logan track.....a bit catchier than "War Song" but just as brutal. This EP further cements my belief that Brad is one of the greatest vocalists in hardcore punk today.

The title track and other inclusion "Controversy (World Of Shit)" are worthy companions to these two blistering new tracks. The 2 previously released tracks feature Erika Daking on vocals and her furious would make most male hardcore vocalists feel inferior....she's amazing.

Anyway, if you are a fan of this band or hardcore punk in general...check this low priced gem out and tear shit up.