Yage - Anders Leben!? (Cover Artwork)


Anders Leben!? (2003)


Anders leben?

(Living differently?)

Yage hails from Cologne, Germany. This band formed in 1998 and this is their first full length to be released in the US by Ebullition records. This album is a complete breath of fresh air. I listen to a wide selection of music and have drifted away from the current hardcore scene after about 1996, with so many bands coming out, the addition of more "metal" and to me less "honesty" lyrically, I sort of lost interest. This week I journeyed to the record store and they were playing this album and it totally lured me in.

This album is great. It takes us on a nostalgic sound journey back to the early-mid 90's hardcore scene. This album, on the mellower side for new hardcore, combines a solid bass and drum rhythm section with intertwining melodic guitars, spoken word vocals, and passionate "screamed" vocals. This album is nothing really new, but more of a trip back to what got me into hardcore music in the first place. This is a very honest album, lyrically not imposing, but asking of themselves and us to look at our lives, our surroundings, culture, and to try to make a difference.

The album switches between songs sung in English and songs sung in German. The "zine" insert in the LP and I'm sure the CD insert also has the English translations. As for comparisons I'd have to say this album reminds me a lot of Native Nod and Current. If you're not really into "hardcore" or not to familiar with it I would highly recommend this album. It is one album I can put on and listen to over and over all day long. In a year full of so many good releases, it was kind of surprising to stumble across this one which definitely makes it into my top 10.

You can hear some MP3's on their web page.