Slomo Rabbit Kick - Bass Monster Lives In The Bass Forest (Cover Artwork)

Slomo Rabbit Kick

Bass Monster Lives In The Bass Forest (2003)


Hmm.... How can I describe this record? It's difficult to write a review for an album that is enormously interesting as this one, without sounding like a cookie cutter reviewer from Spin.

Esoteric? Yes. Catchy? Yes. Brilliant? Well, it's not like a Prince record, but sure, I'll give 'em that.

Slomo Rabbit Kick is a collective of Seattle transplants (by way of Bellingham, WA) who are made up of members of local legends Rat Cat Hogan and Revolutionary Hydra (who can be said to be one in the same).

The Hydra are perhaps most well known for a song of theirs that was covered by another Bellingham band, Death Cab for Cutie.

But enough of local gossip and hubbub, it's really about the music, right?

Guitarist, songwriter, and all-around nice guy, Jay Chilcote lays down some serious rock and roll here, circa 1968-71, complete with Fender Rhodes Keys (if that's not what they used, then they sure fooled me), banjo and accordion.

Like many of his contributions to the Rev. Hydra, Chilcote's songs are mysterious tales, obviously masked for reasons that only the author himself could reveal. There is very little in the way of wearing-one's-heart-on-their-sleeve.

Quirky, but fun, "Bass Monster" is a nice record that can be enjoyed for its strange narratives, in addition to the wonderful and catchy tunes.

And if that doesn't convince you to check them out, then I should note that the cover art is a slight reference to "Where the Wild Things Are."

Boo-ya! Buy the record.