Fenix TX - Lechuza (Cover Artwork)

Fenix TX

Lechuza (2001)


Ok here's a weird cd that I picked up. I got this cd expecting the same as Fenix TX (st) what i got was a combination of punk, pop-punk, and somewhat metal songs.

The cd starts off with three pretty good old Fenix TX style songs. Then song 4: "Something Bad is Gonna Happen" is a bit different this is one of those "metal" songs I was talking about it; has a catchy as hell chorus "Hey you want it. Hey we'll get it. Hey steal the attention from everybody. Hey you want it. Hey we'll get it. Hey you wanna fuck shit up? Well mother fucker come on."

Song 5 "Tearjerker" is good then another "metal" song for song 6: "Pasture Of Puppets" pretty good though. Song 7 "A Song For Everyone" is a good old style Fenix song. Song 9 is the song that really sticks out on this cd this will make your ears all of a sudden tune in and you'll probably say "what the hell?" but don't let the vocals fool you this is a my favorite song I think it is amazing. 10 is another old style Fenix song and 11 is a bit in my opinion emo it's really slow but it's still good.

I like this cd to tell you the truth. I heard them say once in a interview that they were gonna turn metal so people didn't think they sounded like Blink 182 I guarantee no one will mistake this band for Blink 182.