Most Precious Blood - Our Lady Of Annihilation (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Most Precious Blood

Our Lady Of Annihilation (2003)


I have to admit that this year, in spite of the glut of generic metalcore bands, has been an incredible time for hardcore. Exceptional records from Every Time I Die and The Bled are just the most notable of a long list of strong releases from all over the hardcore spectrum. And, joining that list of truly inspired, genre defying records is the newest from Brooklyn's Most Precious Blood.

Revitalized by the addition of former One King Down vocalist, Rob Fusco, and driven by the disturbing events that occurred in their hometown, Our Lady of Annihilation is a vicious indictment of religious extremism, coupled with heavy breakdowns, and Fusco's vicious driving snarl. And, unlike some of their peers who have fallen into the metal pit, Most Precious Blood perches themselves precariously on the edge; paying tribute to their influences who range from Sick of It All to the Cure.

The highlight of the record is, without a doubt, Rob Fusco's unique and powerful vocal styling; his distinctive voice defined One King Down, and is even more suited to Most Precious Blood's sound. But the rest of the band holds their own with him as well; a raging rhythm section pummels the breakdowns, while simultaneously injecting their breakneck sound with bursts of melody. The riffs are solid, and shred with the best of the metalcore scene, while maintaining their loyalty to hardcore.

The controversial album artwork, featuring a sacrosanct religious figure adorned with a bomb is a powerful statement, but no more powerful than the lyrical content of the record. (As an aside, the band was asked to change the cover image for fear of offending people. Instead of changing the artwork, they affixed a carefully positioned PETA sticker over the bomb. Some people are going to be surprised, especially since Most Precious Blood is the name of a Catholic parish in New York.)

Proudly bringing old school to the new school hardcore crowd, complete with an all-star cast of musicians from Indecision and One King Down, is no small task, but with Our Lady..., Most Precious Blood has succeeded admirably. After touring earlier this year with Rise Against, and coupled with a crowd-inspiring release, I imagine we'll hearing much well-deserved praise for this exceptional hardcore act. Recommended.