Limp - Guitarded (Cover Artwork)


Guitarded (1999)

Honest Don's

Call it pop-punk, emo-punk, geek-core, soft-core, I prefer to call this genius.

With the pure brilliance that was Pop and Disorderly, Limp have improved their winning formula to an even greater degree of excellence! They just seem to be able to write song after song chock-a-block full of extremely (I mean humming forever, not just a couple of days) catchy tunes. I love the guitar sound the most, its overdriven just nicely and the muting sounds amazing to say the least! Wait a minute I forgot something........... oh yeah, just how good this band makes you fell when you listen to them. After listening to this album at least once a week since I got it, each and every song still brings out a smile on my face, no matter what. The amazing fact about that is that the lyrics are quite dark, but in a positive way, if you know where i'm coming from. In my opinion Ten Minutes is one of the best pop-punk songs ever written, and Limp should get more credit than they currently recieve. Well, I think youve kinda got the idea that I rate Limp quite highly. The next album can't come quick enough!