The Higher - Star Is Dead (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Higher

Star Is Dead (2003)


Well, we did it. After months of searching for the perfect band for the upcoming entry in the dictionary, we found the winner.

To what word am I referring to, you may ask?


The Higher is the epitome of tatecore. All the elements are there:

  • A terribly obtuse bandname
  • A singer [who just sings] who is as nasally as any band on Drive-Thru [I'm thinking Something Corporate here]
  • Cheesy song titles like "Story Of Growing Up" and "Couples Skate Only," that leave nothing lyrically to the imagination
  • Lyrics ripped straight from the weepiest of livejournal poetry [sample lines include "Please will you give me one more try", "I just wish you'd believe in me" and the ever-present "don't break my heart / don't say another word"]
  • Overly cliched "emo" background music, sounding like a 4th rate Rufio knockoff with "breakdowns" friendly enough for MTV2 videoplay.

    This band is 100% worthless. And even worse, their ugly mugs are plastered in the inside of the case. Every time I open the thing I get an uncontrollable urge to punch these fuckers right in the face. They have no purpose here. They are just the newest set of leeches milking the youth of America for all they're worth.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Higher - a living definition of tatecore.