Brand New / Hot Rod Circuit / Eisley - live in Lawrence (Cover Artwork)

Brand New / Hot Rod Circuit / Eisley

live in Lawrence (2003)

live show


I have tried to see brand new before but my efforts were in vain when the concert sold out before I got to the front of the line. This time I played it safe with the online ticket. Unlike other reviewers on this site, I was happy to see the diversity of the crowd. Abercrombie kids, ten year olds, frat boys, emo kids, parents, artsy fartsy types, etc. It was great.

The first band was the female-fronted, Eisley which suprised everyone and was absolutely amazing. The lead singers voice was hypnotic and I found myself in a trance. Well no, but I liked it more than I anticipated I would. They were somewhat out of place but I forsee big things for this band.

Next up was Hot Rod Circuit. They surprised me with their set. I was expecting more of a pop punk band but instead they were a little bit harder live than their cd made me think. Many songs had break down parts that rocked pretty hard. Their punk hit "The Pharmacist" closed off their almost too lengthy set. Overall I liked them but I hope they keep evolving.

The anticipation built as the stage crew set up brand new's stuff. Apparently one of the light's wasn't cooperating and a stage hand spent a good 15 minutes fiddling with it. It was all soon forgot when the lights came down. I'm not sure what the music was, but this almost eretheral, glorious music played over a conversation between a father and son as the fog built and green lights permeated through. It was perfect for this band. Then the music stopped and the song "Okay I believe you but my tommy gun don't" began. The whole crowd was there, word for word. Almost drowing out poor Jesse. Thankfully the sound guy adjusted and by the chorus he was loud and clear. The whole set was freakin amazing, this band rocks live. I may be biased seeing as how this is my favorite band but i think they deserve a chance. Their set was 17 songs long. They played every song I could've every wanted to hear. Simply, amazing. They closed with the new single "Sic transit" and thankfully I learned that even Abercrombie frat boys still want to die young and save themselves.

I'm not sure of the exact order but the first and last ones are correct.

Okay i believe you but my tommy gun don't
jaws theme swimming
no seatbelt song
logan to the govt center
last chance to lose your keys
failure by design
the boy who blocked his own shot
i will play my game beneath the spin light
the quiet things....
good to know that if i ever need.....
jude law and a semester abroad
seventy times seven
soco amaretto lime
sic transit gloria, glory fades