Ambitious Career Woman - To Avoid a Lawsuit (Cover Artwork)

Ambitious Career Woman

To Avoid a Lawsuit (2003)


From the opening chords of "Orson Welles Rockets" to the melancholic melody that is "Poor Little Wimpy," Seattle's Amibitious Career Woman's debut album "To Avoid a Lawsuit" is easily one of the most surprising releases in the last few years.

It's clear that Drive Like Jehu and Refused are influences on this album, but this is no imitative group.

Adam MacKinnon's guitar tones are that of a 1960's surf nightmare. Off-kilter time signatures, chaotic instrumentation, rap-style cadences, and clever titles ("Nuclear Winter Olympics" and "I Before E Except After Shut Up" are two good ones) best describe this three piece.

There is absolutely nothing disappointing about this record or this band. Critical on social status and the class structure (take that Gatsby's American Dream!), ACW are one of the few remaining bands in the punk genre that are conscious of the world at large. Hell, their logo is a stenciled, grafitti image of deceased movie starlet, Joan Crawford.

I imagine that we'll be hearing more from Ambitious Career Woman, as they plow through all the Simple Plans and New Found Glorys to burn malls across the United States.