Far From Breaking - The Identity (Cover Artwork)
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Far From Breaking

The Identity (2003)


It's been a relatively good year for hardcore. We've seen quality releases from the likes of Give up the Ghost, Sick of it All, and of course, Paint it Black. We've also seen quality releases from hardcore influenced bands like Rise Against, Death by Stereo, and Shai Hulud. Now with all these releases, some albums are obviously going to be lost. While this is inevitable, that doesn't make it any less of a shame. Far From Breaking is a straight edge hardcore band out of Texas, and they know how to rock.

The band flies through twelve songs with youthful energy and vigor, free of any jadedness or posturing. Like a boxer landing a flurry of punches, Far From Breaking makes their point shortly and succinctly. Only four of the songs on "The Identity" break the two minute mark, but what they lack in time they make up for in intensity. As hardcore has evolved into post-hardcore, and metalcore, post-wave-nu gongcore and whatever else I've seen my fair share of people saying things like "metal is the new hardcore." Well, evidently someone forgot to tell these guys, because this release harkens back to the days of bands like Youth of Today and Chain of Strength. Speedy guitars, shout along choruses, and galloping drums. Powerful vocals, combined with sincere lyrics, make this almost impossible not to sing along with.

This album could probably pass as a re-issue of some long forgotten hardcore band of the late eighties, but instead it's a release from this relatively new outfit. Far From Breaking blends what seems to be the poise of a veteran band with the youthful exuberance and passion of a young band. This is, in my opinion, the surprise release of the year, from a band that few have probably had the pleasure of listening to. If you're a fan of hardcore, I suggest you get your hands on this one, you won't be disappointed.

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