Rancid - Let's Go (Cover Artwork)


Let's Go (1994)


The album that broke one of the best punk bands in years. I just feel the need to review the CD for anybody who hasn't bought it yet. This includes many Rancid staples such as; "Salvation," "Nihilism, " "Side Kick" and the excellent "Radio." Some call this Rancid's best work along with "And out come the wolves." Tim Armstrong proves his worth with gritty tales of streetlife, social & political injustices, and what it is to be "Punk." Catchy bass & guitar licks, solid drumming, and singalong chorus' are everywhere. All 23 tracks are great, the CD is a must for any punk. Released in the apex year of 1994 listen to the fury, aggression, talent, energy, and passion of one of the greats in recent years.