Far From Breaking - The Identity (Cover Artwork)

Far From Breaking

The Identity (2003)


Whenever I see an ‘X' on someone's hand at a hardcore show, and I see a ton of them, I ask to look at their opposite paw. If I ever find one with an ‘O' on it I pledge to give them all my money. You see, kisses and hugs are what the hardcore scene needs, especially the straight edge scene.

Far From's one-sheet says The Identity is "all about playing with your hood up in 110-degree weather", and I'd love to see a hardcore band that doesn't look like angry jocks with hooded sweatshirts and songs that sound exactly like the ones they listened to before band practice. The Identity as an album is a clattering, annoying, foolish, amateurish wasted effort. This pointless band has no Identity to call their own, and Chain of Strength are in a room somewhere frowning at what they've accidentally unleashed on all ages clubs everywhere: raving jock-core.

Talk about hypocrites, here's some lyrics to the title track: "You're only into this for the social fame, define yourself by the trends you claim."