4 Ft. Fingers - From Hero To Zero (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

4 Ft. Fingers

From Hero To Zero (2003)


Derivative as hell, but fairly well-executed, U.K.'s 4ft. Fingers play the same style of pop-tinged, appropriately-produced skate punk that made up a good chunk of the mid-90s Epitaph and Fat Wreck rosters.

The sound most resembles Strung Out, with the metallic overbite on a smaller scale, and a bit of Hoss-era Lagwagon thrown in for good measure. Vocally, imagine Hot Water Music with more emphasis on the uplifting gruffness over the gravel.

They're pretty adamant about their unabashed NoFx-style humor, too, in a few numbers. The chanted mantra of "Boobs, tits, jugs, breasts!" reflects the entire theme of "Busted." Future worries about old-age are fretted in "All Down Hill From Here;" "I think of all the good points, but they're outweighed by the bad, / thinking that in 50 years I'll be grey and going mad. / The thought of old-timer's disease, / or dying at night because I freezed." They do include some serious issues, like the unbalanced justice system in "Eye for an Eye," or the relationship themes that the majority of the songs are sung about.

There really isn't much to say. 4FF bring nothing new to the table, but if you're looking for consistently catchy, uptempo skate punk from over the seas, check it out.