The Offspring - Ignition (Cover Artwork)

The Offspring

Ignition (1992)


I feel the need to review old albums so heres Ignition by The Offspring. Though this wasn't the huge CD Smash was, it certaintly should've been. Maybe it just came out a year too early, or wasn't appealing enough, but I'll go on a limb and say this is The Offspring at their best.

This set down things to come for The Offspring and contains some of their best songs. "Session" one of the few songs Offspring still play live sounds fresh even after 8 years. "LAPD" mocks the police force of LA and thrashs from begining to end. "Hypodermic" showing off the slower, darker Offspring sound & lyrics. This album mixes serious topics with some middle eastern riffs and punk flare and is the combo that worked best for Offspring.

Every song is a winner on this disc, no fillers, deep and dark messages in a lot of the songs. If you like The Offspring or any of the punk bands that hit it big in the mid 90's punk explosion, you'll love this album.