Against Me! - Acoustic (Cover Artwork)
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Against Me!

Acoustic (2001)


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OH, OH, the e-mail, what, what the e-mail.

Dear Strong Bad,

I was wondering what you thought of Against Me!'s Acoustic EP.


Kirby Puckett Pittsburgh, PA

a>Well Kirby…Wait, what kind of name is Kirby? Are you some giant pink marshmallow? What a crap for crap.

Anyways Mr. Fluffy Puff, Against Me! totally "roxors" and EVERYONE knows that. Each and every ditty on this seventeen minute long disc is an example of what acoustic Punk Rock should sound like. Not that Yellowcard or Sugarcult mess that Tate…Erm...Strong Sad cries himself to sleep with.

The EP revs up with Tom's vocals "Tell me how could you compromise yourself like this. How can you blame anyone else when you aren't really committed? Where was your head when you broke that promise to yourself, the one where you don't' forget every life lesson that happened before you eyes." Then the acoustic guitar strums in while Tom continues to wail out the lyrics to this amazing tune of lost love. I know for fact that if you sing it to a few lady friends it'd help you get almost as many chicks as me.

Tom and Dustin are the only two members of the band throughout the majority of the songs here, while the rest just simply supply back up vocals to the songs. For those of you who do rule (like me) and own their full length "Reinventing Axl Rose" then the majority of the songs like "Jordan's First Choice," "Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious," and "Pints of Guinness Make You Strong" will sound familiar, but come off even more powerful and emotional in their full acoustic technique.

Track four "We did it All For Don" starts off rather similar to "Jordan's First Choice" as Tom again sings a few lines before the guitars enter. However, this time he's joined by a full crowd of backing vocals on the chorus' during a song about traveling across the states in their tour van Armageddon.

The real winner though dude is the bonus track. Just ask the Cheat.

Cheat: Mie, mie mie mmmie mie muh muh mieee mie!

The Cheat is right, this song is better than free pizza, although no where near as good as "fhqwhgads."

As you can see Kolby, Against Me! is obviously a superior band to most of the crap being recorded these days. I'd say on a scale from one to awesome, this record is super great! Now if only they would answer my emails to come play a show in Strong Badia. Because you know my band "LimoZeen" would be the perfect band to open for them. *note: If this review makes no sense to you, please visit for references.