The Rocket Summer - Calendar Days (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Rocket Summer

Calendar Days (2003)

The Militia Group

"Now the skies such a sweet blue, you made this come true. My heart feels so new, whoa...It's now wonderful to see beautiful views. Like skies that are so blue, whoa, whoa! I'll never leave us you know!" - The Rocket Summer

Whether it's on a hamburger, a cracker, taco, or just by itself cheese is the best condiment ever.

And that's just what the Rocket Summer's debut full length "Calendar Days" is – Cheesy.

Ever hear of Dashboard Confessional? Are you familiar with Onelinedrawing? Perhaps you know who the New Amsterdams are? Well that's where Bryce Avary's solo project fits in. A few more cute little love songs spilt out over acoustic guitar melodies and that's not a bad thing!

Picking up the acoustic guitar and doing your own thing is as popular as screaming in music these days. Even though it's becoming redundant the Rocket Summer pulls things of well. In addition to just acoustic tunes, Avary applies his talents to the drums and keyboards to brighten the mood up some. He was also able to get a 42-piece 6th grade girls choir group to apply vocals to the song "What We Hate, We Make" and it's surprisingly good. Lyrics are just what you'd expect from a pop-rock record like this, but they're cute and fun, just like the music itself.

Don't expect to be blown away by the simplicity of the record. The guy is just out to have a good time and that's just how you'll feel after listening to "Calendar Days."