Various - The Show: Volume 1 (Video) (Cover Artwork)


The Show: Volume 1 (Video) (2001)


"The Show: Volume 1" is a new video that Side One Dummy has just released. "The Show" is a punk rock video magazine t.v. show that is aired in California. Volume 1 is a collection of portions from various segments of the show. The main guy from "The Show" who interviews that band is Joe Sib of 22 Jacks and Side One Dummy.

The video starts off with footage of H20 working in the studio on their new album, "Go". Theres a good interview with them and the portion also contains the video for "It Was A Good Day". In case you missed out, that song was released on the latest H20 release, which was their 7" on Side One Dummy.

I really enjoyed the video very much. The thing I like best is that if it wasn't for this home video, I would have never gotten a chance to see the video in the first place. Lets face when do you see good bands like H20 on MTV? I'm not even going to answer that question, because everyone knows the answer! Joe also interviews the lead singer of No Use For A Name. Its kinda funny at the times, because the Tony is pretty soft spoken (not unlike some later interviews, read on.....) Sometimes Joe is really stretching for some answers from him. I guess some bands are just better at interviews than others. "Coming Too Close" (taped live) is shown after the interview.

There is an interview with Avail and its pretty entertaining. The whole entire time that Joe is interviewing him, hes making all these crazy faces and gestures to the camera. Its pretty funny, but I always wondered if the host ever saw him doing these things when the interview was being conducted? After the interview the video contains Avail live in concert playing such songs as "SRO" and "Fix".

Theres just allot of good material on here. MxPx has two live performances at Warped Tour for the songs "Party, My House Be There" and "Sometimes You Have To Ask Yourself" as well as an interview. Other notable entries is AFI. Theres an excellent interview with them and this video also contains the video for "Total Immortal". I know having the video here for the song will be a strong selling point, because the video has been a hot download and on the top of the charts for music video web sites that I have come across.

Theres an Ataris interview here.....well not really an interview but its pretty cool to see them backstage. They are basically screwing around backstage and are throwing things at their tour manager. Its all good fun. There is a live performance of "San Dimas High School Rules".

I was very impressed with this video. The live songs are especially great. They do a good job with capturing all the bands and the energy that goes along with them. The quality of this video is excellent as well. The live videos especially; this isn't your average amateur video, its top notch. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes punk rock period. Theres allot of good material on here and some great bands. If you like any punk, you need to get this. Hopefully "Volume 1" implies that there will be more volumes to follow. If this is the case, I'll be a happy man.