Burning Heads - Escape (Cover Artwork)
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Burning Heads

Escape (2000)


"Patriotic pride we don't care. Hatred inside we don't' give a shit. Nationalism bag of shite, we all got the same blood inside. - Burning Heads

Who says that the French are just a bunch of pansies?

"Escape" by the Burning Heads is that hard hitting Punk Rock record you've been looking for. Originally released by Epitaph overseas it has been scooped up by Victory Records for re-release in the States and it's a damn shame that this band hasn't caught on over here.

Pulling you in for the ride is "End up like You" a quick Punk/Hardcore song in the vein of Ten Foot Pole meets 88 Fingers Louie that really paces the rest of the album. I first heard of this band thanks to a Victory Records sampler that had the next song "S.O.S." on it. It poses the same rapid sound with hard hitting drums that breaks down at just the right time so you can sing along with the chorus "It's the same old talk and the same old story. So why can't everybody be like me. Can't things be the way they should be? How can I find a way to make 'em see?"

The English lyrics combined with a French accent deliver a nice supplementation to the aggressive American styled Punk Rock that is often declared as the "Epitaph or Fat Wreck Sound." Thanks to Jack Endino's (Nirvana, Soundgarden) production skills the album is packed tight with fourteen solid cuts that all follow the same formula of high flying guitars, pumping bass, and smashing drums that are sure to have you turn you stereo up really loud during the thirty minute trip the Burning Heads take you on.

Adding "Escape" to your record collection won't drop the jaws of all yours friends, but it's an excellent refreshment when all of your old Skate-Punk albums are a tad worn out. Trust me on this one, once you hear the song "Iron Dick" you'll be wondering why you don't already own this album when you hear how tough and quick it is.