New Mexican Disaster Squad - New Mexican Disaster Squad (Cover Artwork)

New Mexican Disaster Squad

New Mexican Disaster Squad (2003)


justin mc cray

Pop the CD in your player. The first chord rings out and a bass line rips through the noise. Within the first 3 seconds it's full speed ahead. 'You're Incorrect' the first track off of New Mexican Disaster Squad's newest full length has much more in common with Minor Threat than it does with anything in contemporary punk rock. The chord progressions tear up and down the fret board at a break neck pace and the track ends quickly leaving you gasping for air. The next track 'Vultures' is a more mid tempo rocking song with a herky jerky tempo that reminds me a lot of Black Flag meets Bad Brains. The angry vocals and shouted back ups sound pissed, but not overly tough. 'Counterfeit II' the third track is a fast and slightly more melodic song with great vocal hooks and a great ending. It has a more Dag Nasty feel than anything. The list goes on, and this record rips and tears at all the right places. At a little over 20 minutes, it ends with 'Ride the Crest' an epic closing song with a reoccuring octave part that you'll be humming for a week. 'Ride the Crest' only makes you ready to start the record all over again.

I was pleased to notice that the lyrics are thought-provoking and done in a way that isn't over-the-top. It's told on a more personal level. What I find most interesting is NMDS's ability to write a great hook, but only throw it into a song once, or maybe twice if you're lucky. It's like, here it is, you have one chance to get it... if not you're fucked. They stray from repitition like it were cancer. This definitely makes for some interesting song structuring along the way, but can also make it hard to grasp the songs right away.

NMDS are a throw back to early to mid 80's hardcore, which on the surface could be viewed as nothing new. After repeated listens, I found myself more and more engrossed into the record and paying more and more attention to how they're doing what they do. They've definitely put their own twist into the song writing and structuring. The production and artwork are also not too shabby. The guitars aren't very heavily distorted giving it a stringy natural sound and making it sound authentically 80's. The layout is also interesting with grainy textured artwork and a reoccuring vulture/businessman theme.

All in all I was pleasantly suprised when I picked this up, and grew to really love and appreciate this record. If you're not convinced at first, give it a few listens... it'll snag you when you least expect it. NMDS are something the punk scene really needs, and more people should check them out. In my opinion one of the best records out this year, and probably awesome live too.