Various - Drive-Thru Records Vol. 2 DVD (Cover Artwork)


Drive-Thru Records Vol. 2 📀 (2003)

Drive Thru


If you like Drive Thru Records, you will like this DVD.

If you do not like Drive Thru Records, nothing on this DVD will make you change your mind.

Ok, I admit, I used to like Drive Thru bands alot more than I do now. But then came The Starting Line's overproduced "Say it Like You Mean it," and every release since (save "The Resignation" by the Rx Bandits) has been the same cookie-cutter pop emo rock. Included on this DVD are music videos, live videos, a few interviews, an extensive photo gallery, and videos of the DTR bands fucking around, and generally acting immature.

As far as the videos go, nothing spectacular. Finch's video for "Worms of The Earth" takes the cake for the best, but thats not saying much. It seems to have some vampire/morbid/dark theme going on, but in the end, they're playing in a dark, rainy alley for some reason. The Starting Line's video for "Leaving" actually has a nice plot line to match the song, and it's rewarding if you can make it through the entire thing, repetitive chorus after repetitive chrous.

The majority of the live videos came from last year's Skate and Surf Fest. They all have a really good fix, and pretty good camera work. The Starting Line's acoustic song is actually better than all of their other stuff, too bad they made sure that this "wasn't the direction" they were going in. Senses Fail showed that they all need singing lessons if they expect to be Finch. The best live video? The RxBandits performing "Decrescendo" from Imusiccast, but what did you expect? Matt Embree has more talent in his left hand that the Starting Line could ever hope to have. Embree and sax player Steve Borth are also featured in the "acoustic" section doing a rendition of Pal-Treux that is also quite good.

There's some interview stuff, where Senses Fail vandalizes a house, Allister tells a story about how they got ripped off, etc, etc. But if you're not a fan of the bands, you simply don't care. I sure didn't.

Well, it was $9.99 at Best Buy, and I was hoping that there would be more RxBandits stuff, alas there was not. Like I started out with, if you like the bands, get it, if you don't, stay away.