Appleseed Cast - The End of the Ring Wars (Cover Artwork)

Appleseed Cast

The End of the Ring Wars (1998)

Deep Elm

Music can change lives. Music can make a grown man cry, and music can make you feel right inside. Very few albums have changed my life in a drastic way. This is one of them...

The first time I listened to this CD, I was awe struck within the first minute of the opening track "Marigold and Patchwork". Not because of the lyrics (because the singer doesn't kick in until after about a minute and a half) but because of the pure emotions this music stirred. Intricate yet simple guitars open the first song, the drums kick in, and the pure energy of the song is unleashed. The singer screams "Fall Down Marigold" and you just know that what he has to say is important. You know that there is real meaning and purpose to the song. When a song portrays beauty and emotion so vividly through both the music and the vocals, a work of art has been created. 'The End of the Ring Wars' is a masterpiece.

Every single song on this album evokes emotion. The thick and loud guitars are complemented nicely by the drum and bass work that keeps the songs moving foward. The vocals may sound a little rough to some, but they are raw and true. Screams abound, although there is some singing thrown in when appropriate. The production is top notch, and the art work is a little disturbing but is great as well. What makes this album (and the band) stand out amongst its peers is the emotion. This is not your sterotypical emo record. No whining and no bullshit. This is real, heartfelt, inspirational, emotional music (what "real" (I hate saying that) emo is about).

The Appleseed Cast have been making music for years, and continue to today. They created the "Low Level Owl Vol. 1 & 2" series which garnered critical acclaim as they are masterpieces in their own right and showed a real growth and maturity in the band. As far as 'the End of the Ring Wars' goes, it is a true masterpiece that is beautiful and heartfelt, and is a testement to why music is important. This record may not change your life or affect you the way it has me, but it will rock you. Pick this up, it's a beautiful and rocking record.

Favorite Songs: Marigold & Patchwork - One of my favorite songs of all time, so amazing. Moment # 72 - rockin great song. Stars - has horns in intro, which is half the song, then vocals kick in, really beautiful, works very well. Dreamland - Rivals Marigold & Patchwork for my favorite song, amazing duel vocals in verse. Wow.