Gob - The World According To Gob (Cover Artwork)


The World According To Gob (2001)


OK, this cd is a bit interesting.I saw this band about three years ago with Limp great show. Gob was a sort of fast melodic punk band from Canada who had a record on fearless records. They weren't really that poppy. But I think that's changed a little bit. They might even fit better with Limp on a tour now.

This cd is much more melow and slower it still rocks hard but with a softer edge if that makes sense. This cd starts of with the song "For A Moment" it's a pretty good song. The second song is "I Hear You Calling" this song is actualy on the radio big suprise for me. I just saw them about a month ago with Big Wig and there was about 20 people there total lol great show though. The song starts off as they described it as country it's just sorta weird to me. But it's a good solid song, with a good solid hook. Some of the highlights on this cd are Everyone Pushed Down, Pinto, Ex-Shuffle, Desktop Breaking this cd I recomend. Gob has matured grately from there last two cds maybe for the better but I still like the old Gob better.