Novemberkills - And Tell Her I Loved Her (Cover Artwork)


And Tell Her I Loved Her (2003)


Seems another one of those typical "core" bands have come out of the woodwork to try and cash in on the riches to be made off of impressionable kids. This album recorded by Long Island locals, Novemberkills, is generally predictable, but there is something about it that is interesting. The lyrics aren't that incredible, the music doesn't blow you away, but underneath it all is a intriguing album.

It's a decent first release. Songs such as "Angel and a Bullet" and "Scene Stealer" show you exactly why this band has potential. However there are tracks such as "Something to be Said for Passion" which sound forced and generally boring. This band seems hit or miss on this CD and it translates into their live show.

All in all this band has potential as the next "big" Long Island "core" band but I believe it should try and develop some characteristics to set it apart from the overflow of similar bands nipping at its heels.